We are happy to announce that we are NOW reading for the 1913 Prize for First Books, to be selected by JOHN KEENE!

Accepting submissions from May 1-June 30 2015. 

Winning book(s) will be announced in Fall 2015 and published in 2016.

All work submitted will also be considered for inclusion in iterations of 1913 a journal of forms.

Please see below for submission link & details.

Thank you for your work!

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Ends on 6/30/2015

We're on the lookout for the best & baddest work out there...

...so we are tickled to announce that we are NOW reading for the 1913 Prize for First Books, to be selected by the most excellent JOHN KEENE!


Eligibility: Any writer who has NOT YET published a full-length book (chapbooks ok) is eligible to submit!

Genre: There are NO genre limitations. Poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, fiction, visual work, hybrid work, and the in between are ALL welcomed.

Length: There are NO length limitations. (Most manuscripts are between 50-150 pages.)

Fee: There is a reading fee of $25, which goes towards the publication of the book(s) selected and the workings of 1913 Press.

Book: For an extra $5, you may choose a recent excellent 1913 Press title from the options provided.

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Thank you kindly for your work! We can't wait to get reading...